The Gurukul facilities are available for small families, school groups and like minded groups wanting to experience the joys of a rustic farm life. The farm stays would be ideal for families who want their children to renew and rediscover their connection to the good earth and experience the joys of a simple yet enriching life on a farm. The facilities would also be ideal for a small group of school children who can come with their teachers to continue their education in nature's classroom and learn directly from her. We would also love to host small groups of painters, sculptors, musicians and other such groups connected to the arts who will be able to find fresh new inspiration for their artistic expression. For group bookings and packages for 18 to 20 people, send inquiries to [email protected]. Special activities like Bird Watching, Star Gazing, Snake Interaction etc. can be organised at such times.

Lodging Cost

Regular Camping Tents

The cost for renting this regular camping tent is Rs. 1400/- per night. This can sleep two adults. Maximum occupancy is two adults.
Four such tents are available.

Big Camping Tents

The cost for renting a big camping tent is Rs. 1800/- per night. This can comfortably sleep two adults. Maximum occupancy is two adults and one child.
Two such tents are available.

Cottage Tents

The cost for renting a cottage tent is Rs. 4000/- per night. This can comfortably sleep two adults and two children. Maximum occupancy is 4 adults. Extra person - Rs. 1000/- per night.
Two such tents are available.

Note: A 20% discount is available for bookings 5 days or more. Minimum two nights booking is mandatory.


Clean western toilets are available very close to the tent area. Hot water for bathing will be available only in the morning from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the evening. No TV or internet facility is available. Laundry facilities are available at a nominal charge.


The Gurukul has a fully functional kitchen, a open dining area and a full time cook. Only simple, vegetarian food will be provided. The rates for individual meals are as follows -

Lunch or Dinner - Rs. 300/-
Bed Tea & Breakfast - Rs. 200/-
Tea & Snacks- Rs. 75/-
Complete package that includes all of the above is available for Rs. 700/- per day per person.
Children below 11 will be charged at 75% the above rate. Children below 5 will not be charged.
Coupons need to be purchased the previous day.
For any special needs please inform us in advance.

Note: A small shared outdoor wood burning stove is available to the guests if they want to make their own tea etc.

Activities You Can Participate In

You and your children are encouraged to participate in any ongoing farm activities such as milking a cow, observing a calving, feeding a calf, putting a new ochra seed into the soil, transplanting a tomato seedling, harvesting a carrot, making a compost, tree pasting, riding on top of the fodder as it is transported on a bullock cart across the farm etc. There are ample opportunities for nature activities like bird/insect watching, star gazing etc. So do come with your binoculars, magnifying glasses etc. Many of our apprentices claim to be bird watchers and amateur astronomers, photographers etc. - do check them out. Check with the farmer and his apprentices which activities are safe and appropriate for you. Also do take the time to go around the farm esp. when the farmer, who does not tire of the quote 'The Best Fertilizer is the Farmer's Footsteps on his land', is doing his rounds of the farm. You will learn a lot just interacting with this farmer who loves to share his observations of the farm. He is a gifted story teller and will often regale you with anecdotes from his rich, often amusing, farm life - a twinkle in his eyes and a hearty laugh add to the merriment. If you are going on your own, make sure you keep to the pathways so that you do not cause damage to the crops and vegetables (and yourselves).

Code of Conduct

TThe farm stays are for people who want to live with nature and respect its quiet and pristine qualities. Only guests willing to do away with so called urban conveniences and prepared to rough it out should think of coming. It is not for people looking for a weekend getaway for boisterous partying. Smoking, drinking and drugs are strictly prohibited. The local cultural sensitivities are strictly to be respected.

Farm Stays
Voluntary Nature Conservancy,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Distt. Anand, Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 99710 54784 / +91 98250 45730

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