The Gurukul - Bhaikaka Krishi Gurukul

A training center was formally inaugurated on the farm on the 3rd of November, 2013 to formalize and facilitate many of the programs that had already been happening on the farm. See the pictures to the right to follow the progress. This center, called 'The Gurukul' is modeled on the Guru-Shishya style of learning. Eager apprentices will have an amazing opportunity to stay, work and learn on the farm for extended periods. This ancient Indian style of learning is no more relevant than in farming.

Long Term Apprenticeship Programs

Long term apprenticeships are for six months. These programs are free. The first three months, the apprentices pay a fee which is paid back in the next three months. So at the end of a successful six month apprenticeship, there is no effective monetary exchange. The apprentice gains from the knowledge acquired under the master and the farm benefits from the passionate toil of the apprentice. [Read More]

Short Term Apprenticeship Programs

Shorter term apprenticeships are also available. A total stay of anything less than six months is considered a short term apprenticeship. Here a monthly boarding, lodging and training fee is charged that varies with the duration of the stay. [Read More]

Farm Stays

Limited farm stay facilities are available for small families who want to experience the joys of a farm life. [Read More]

Practice School Programs

The Gurukul will also host students, every year, from rural agricultural schools and colleges for completing their practical training. These Practice School programs are for a month or more. [Read More]

Workshops, Conferences and Other Programs

The Gurukul will conduct practical workshops on all aspects of farming and also related areas like eco-construction etc. [See Upcoming Events]

The Gurukul will facilitate hosting of conferences, meetings like the OFAI Biennial conference that was hosted on the farm in December 2010.

The Gurukul
"The Best Form Of Giving (Dana) Is Vidya Dana Or The Imparting Of One's Knowledge"
Voluntary Nature Conservancy,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Distt. Anand, Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 99710 54784 / +91 98250 45730

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